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Bastille Day

Bastille Day

July 14 is Bastille Day in France, commemorating the storming of the Bastille back in 1789 during the French Revolution. It’s a national day of celebration, and this past Saturday, Francophiles from across the region united to celebrate right here in Portland. Read More

booth refresh at Monticello

Booth Refresh

Last week, I sold a cabinet that had been the main display piece at my mall space so it was the perfect time to plan a complete overhaul. After sketching out some ideas, I finally completed the refresh yesterday… Read More

decorating with flowers – get the look

bringing in spring

After growing up in northern Europe and now having lived in the Pacific Northwest for over 20 years, you’d think I’d be used to the dreary grey skies and rainy days that roll into town in November and last through, oh… June!  Read More

Road Trip – part 1

This is the time of year I normally travel to Europe with my hubby to shop the brocantes and visit with my youngest sister and her family. Sadly we’re not making the trip this time so instead I planned a fun road trip to Southern California. Read More

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